What is Pass The Bib?

Pass The Bib is an interactive program aimed at developing confidence and resilience in young athletes through fostering kindness, self awareness and connection through netball.

We facilitate focus sessions based around each of the key components and explicitly link these to team and individual behaviours, through the integration of interactive and discussion based activities with netball skills, drills and games.

Why is it called Pass The Bib?

Our bibs represent our sport, our club, our team and ourselves, without the bibs we can’t play. So, how can we pass them to our team mates and wear them in a way that helps everyone be the best they can be?

The way we handle our bibs is an indication of the way we feel about the game and each other, and in this program we focus on ways we can lift others and ourselves to be the best we can be and how that looks on and off the court.

Who am I and why do I care?

My name is Linsey Boddy I’m a Physical Education teacher, mum of 2 beautiful boys, junior coach and community club netball player. Outside my family the thing that makes me tick, my passion and love is understanding young people, predominantly adolescents (even though I still have to look up how to spell it!) and supporting their development through sport. Luckily for me I have found a way to marry two of my passions; supporting young people to grow and play netball, and in that I have created a program that I love and believe in like my babies.

I created Pass The Bib after recognising a need for a space outside of school where young people could feel safe to take supported risks, to be able to recognise and understand their feelings and use these in a positive way through sport. I spent the next 18 months reading, researching and planning ways to promote and foster resilience in young people and how to link this to netball.

It’s really important to me that we find ways to find the fun in netball and sport regardless of our ability, level or the outcome of the game. I think that’s ultimately why we play or at least start playing sport, and I believe it should and can remain that way.

Benefits of the program

Potential to increase participation and retention rates in sport.

Provides a safe and supportive environment for young people to take healthy sporting risks

Improve resilience by developing self awareness and understanding of others

Facilitates stronger connections between teammates, coaches, families and their club


“It was fun learning about team sports and how to play as a team. I loved all the tips Linsey gave us to have a better game.”

Millie, U11’s player

“So thankful to Linsey and her wonderful program.
With resilience and self awareness being so important in the lives of our kids today, Linsey, with her great ability relating to kids, offers a unique combination of care, knowledge and well thought out tools, to develop these vital skills. Could not recommend this program enough.”

Trina, Parent

“My Daughter loved every session of Pass The Bib. She couldn’t wait for the next session and would come away so enthused and excited to practice the skills she had learned.”

Nikki, Parent

“Fun, educational, team building, getting to know ourselves better.”

Dae, U11’s Player

Let’s keep the fun in netball for all our juniors….